Who We Are

The North County Justice Allies, with the support and determination of all of our members and friends, are a newly formed 501(c)4 group comprised of women, men, professionals, teachers, artists, writers, parents, grandparents, mothers, fathers, people from all walks of life, religions, orientations and age groups who came together after the election of the 45th president looking for a place to grieve, to share, to find comfort, to express our shock and concern, our anger and our fear. We find common ground in our desire for agitation, to not sit idly by, to circle tightly around those that feel the most vulnerable: our minority communities. We pledge to fight for LGBTQ rights, women, black lives, our Muslim neighbors, our immigrant populations, those whose health care are threatened, the environment and much more. 


Our Mission

The Justice Allies are focused on offering support and protection to the underrepresented and marginalized groups in our community and throughout our country that are targeted by the new administration's policies. We choose specific actions to focus on and use our Facebook group to offer information and support on a daily ongoing basis. We meet twice a month in Encinitas and are active in asserting our Freedom of Speech and assembly with collective actions. We also aim to work together and in tandem with other political action groups in the resistance efforts following the guidelines of Indivisible.


Our Vision


  • A safe space for politically active and like-minded individuals who want to agitate for change

  • A successful Women's March in San Diego and other areas of the county

  • Social justice actions regularly within our communities. 

  • Daily actions via our Facebook page for all levels of political activity

  • Adopting a local refugee family!

  • A highly successful Planned Parenthood support rally and march in downtown Encinitas

  • Monthly child friendly family political postcard writing nights!

  • A growing group of diverse, politically active and focused agitators!

  • Educating our community and reaching out to those that feel vulnerable in the wake of our administration's new policies.

  • Forming and creating a 501(c)4 to continue our efforts in the community.

  • Holding numerous candidate meet and greets.

We want to see social justice that begins to protect and serve all people in this country. We take a stand against the NRA, we amplify the voices of Black Lives Matter, we fight against the Muslim ban and hateful immigration rhetoric and policy. We demand justice and use our voices, bodies, privilege and time to proactively fight against the hate. Our choice is to do so with positive actions aimed at our most vulnerable communities.


Lisa Nava


Nina Seibert






People Power

To learn more about how to join our social justice actions please contact us below or sign up for our newsletter!

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