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We work with organizations that support immigrants and refugees on both sides of the border. We have monthly actions with Border Angels, as well as continuing support for Los Angelitos, Heart for Refugees, North County Immigration Task Force and other organizations in California. We continually fight against racist the policies that emerge from the current administration and do NOT support a ban on Muslims or building a wall. 


Our Youth Outreach is focused on teaching children how to be socially and politically active by engaging with kids in our community from elementary ages all the way to college aged youth. The NCJA engage with MECHA groups, Gay/Straight high school and college alliance groups, plan youth summits and workshops to teach political activism and social engagement and connect with community groups that include youth and families.


We are often involved in multiple political actions, keeping The NCJA engaged with other local political groups including local Dem clubs, the 49th District Action Council and other political grassroots groups in North County. We also monitor, report on, and develop actions for the upcoming elections including Ballot Parties to discuss the ballot for the November election.


We support Planned Parenthood and stay engaged with the current state of affairs of government policy surrounding Planned Parenthood and women's rights issues and health care policy. Current Actions include planning marches and drives in support of local Planned Parenthood clinics when needed as well as calling for collective actions for women's rights as needed. We also stay engaged with the North County Women's March organization as well as on the national level.


The Climate Team is currently working with 350.orgNODAPLLocal Water AuthoritiesEcoRotarySierra Club and Alt National Park Service.

Current Actions include divesting from banks in support of NODAPL, focusing on local efforts in decreasing carbon emissions working with, working on personal ecoliteracy and legislative actions.

Currently our team is working with the Encinitas City Council to enact a new Environmental plan for the city.


We are looking for members to join this team to assist us with new member orientation, gathering and organizing resources for the group, putting together press releases and op eds when needed and for general house keeping of our group information.

People Power

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