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Alex Nava's Story


The Addiction Awareness Initiative is in memory of Alex Nava, beloved son of our President, Lisa. Alex lost his battle with addiction on April 5, 2019.

Everyday 192 people in the US lose their lives to this insidious and stigmatized disease. It affects our community daily, and many suffer in silence and isolation.

Alex’s battle with opioids began with common health issues experienced by many young people -- wisdom tooth surgery and a knee injury with a resulting surgery. With the prescription strength opioids prescribed by Alex’s doctors, his brain rewired itself, and his addiction was born.

As a young adult, Alex experimented with substances. He stayed away from what he considered to be the "bad stuff" for a while, but a casual decision turned experimenting into need.

In December of 2018, Alex came to his parents , scared and sick. He asked for help. They did everything parents are supposed to do. They got Alex the help he wanted and needed. He was approved for rehab, and seemed to be doing well in the 30 day live-in program he attended.

When Alex emerged from the program, he was eager to smell the sea air, grateful for opportunity, and ready to buy his first car. He was going to be one of the lucky ones. Three weeks after completing his rehab program, Alex had an accidental overdose -- a relapse that would change his family and friends' lives forever.

It was a mistake that cost him his life.


It is in Alex’s name that the Allies establish this committee. It is our hope that we might help individuals and families that suffer from addiction break the chains and find hope for their future.

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