Healing Through Action

The purpose of the AAI is to research and recommend areas of activism to the NCJA Board related to addiction and the opioid crisis in our community. The focus for the initiative is to break the stigma, support those in need with harm reduction options, educate the community about addiction, and network with organizations and elected officials to advocate for policy change. 


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(San Diego Union Tribune, Nov 28, 2020)

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Through media, parent and youth engagement, reaching out to schools, holding events, communicating with law enforcement, and tracking community statistics we hope to humanize addiction. 


Through Narcan training and awareness and increasing accessibility in public spaces, creating compassion projects to distribute information.


Holding elected officials (City Councils, School Boards, and other local agencies) accountable to the services and policies they provide, including those that criminalize and demoralize those suffering from addiction.


Sharing who we are and why we are doing this work. Reaching out to North County Health Services, local law enforcement, rehabilitation centers, step programs, and RFTH to stay connected on their work with the opioid crisis.


Liz Young

Liz has been living in Encinitas for 27 years with her husband and two children. She feels fortunate to call Encinitas her home. Liz has been involved with the Justice Allies since the beginning and she is eager to begin working as a committee member with our new Addiction Awareness Initiative (AAI). The opioid epidemic affects our community daily with many suffering in isolation. Liz is committed to working with AAI to provide awareness, education and positive actions that will bring hope and support to those individuals and families who are faced with the devastating disease of addiction. 

Jennifer Potter

Jennifer lives with her boyfriend, Kevin, and his daughters in Encinitas. She works as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Heron Therapeutics in La Jolla. She loves spending time with her friends and family, and has a passion for helping people. Jennifer's son Cory Williams was a victim of an opioid overdose in May of 2019. Jennifer has joined the AAI with a strong desire to help those struggling with addiction along with the families that suffer along with them, to educate those that need to know more about this horrendous disease, and to break the stigma of addiction and overdose.

Samantha Terauds

Samantha has grown up in Encinitas alongside many of those who we have lost to the opioid epidemic. She feels honored to share memories, laughter and sorrow with her community. She is dedicated to working with NCJA and the AAI subcommittee to advocate for those who are facing this adversity. Samantha is enthusiastic about being a part of this group and hopes that together we can work towards education, harm reduction and outreach.

Lisa Nava

Lisa is the current president of the NCJA and is actively involved in many social justice actions throughout her community of Encinitas, North County and San Diego. Lisa's interest in the Addiction Awareness Initiative is in loving memory of her son, Alex Nava, who lost his battle with addiction on April 5, 2019. She is committed to dedicating her time to educating the public about harm reduction, holding her elected officials accountable for their community programs, and continuing activism surrounding ending the stigma of addiction and overdose.

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